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Clinical Professionals


Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced clinical professionals who make sure each and every exceptional patient is  taken care of every step of the way before, during, and in follow up.

Why PRC?

From start of finish, PRC provides an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism throughout the clinical trial process. 

Our Team

Our experienced staff will guide you through the clinical trial process. From start to finish, PRC is dedicated to providing the best experience for our study patients.

Study Information

Read about the studies that PRC takes part in, upcoming studies, and study information.

Innovative Clinical Solutions


At PRC we understand your time is important. Our staff will schedule appointments to accommodate your availability. Communication is key to the success of our patients and sponsors, we are available and provide prompt response via telephone, email and text messaging.


PRC partners with experienced and dedicated practicing neurologists, primary care providers, and other advanced practitioners to help provide a review of medicine and progress in patient care for various medical conditions


Perseverance Research Center’s research professionals have been conducting clinical research in Arizona for over 40 years and have a known reputation for excellence, quality and consistency. 

Alzheimer's Disease Study Trial

Alzheimer's Disease/Mild Cognitive Impairment

Eligible patients between 55-90 years old and have symptoms consistent with the early stages of AD. Other study requirements apply. Symptoms in the early stages of AD include difficulties with memory, planning, and organization.

Eczema Research Study Trial

Moderate to severe eczema

Eligible patients >18 years old with moderate to severe eczema that have had inadequate response with topical eczema medications.

Multiple Sclerosis Study Trial

Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Eligible patients between 18-55 years old diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) with at least 1 documented relapse in the past year, or two in the last 2 years. 

Migraine study trial pediatric children

Pediatric Migraine

Eligible patients between 6-17 years old at time of screening who have a history of migraine attacks for at least 6 months. Reports at least 2 and no more than 8 moderate-to-severe migraine attacks per month. 

Enrolling Studies

Diabetic Foot Infection Diabetes Podiatry Study Trial

Diabetic Foot Infection

Eligible patients >18 years of age who have an ongoing diagnosis of Diabetes Type 1 or 2, and have a gram-positive infection of the foot.

Osteomyelitis Study Trial Podiatry Diabetes


Eligible patients >18 years old with an ongoing diagnosis of Diabetes Type 1 or 2, who have a confirmed presence of diabetic foot osteomyelitis (DFO) of the forefoot.

Image by Annie Spratt


Eligible patients between 18-75 years old and have a diagnosis or Narcolepsy or Idiopathic Hypsersomnia. Patients will undergo 2 overnight site visits at sleep center.

Study Trials Upcoming Research

Upcoming Trials

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our upcoming trials.

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