Clinical Solutions

Phase II, III, or IV, PRC is dedicated to providing quality performance through every stage of your clinical trial.

Why PRC?

From start of finish, PRC provides an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism throughout the clinical trial process. 

The PRC difference.

At PRC our extensive knowledge and expedited clinical processes can get your trial up and running fast. Saving time and money.

Study Information

Read about the studies that PRC takes part in, upcoming studies, and study information.

Innovative Clinical Solutions


At PRC we understand your time is important. Our staff will schedule appointments to accommodate your availability. Communication is key to the success of our patients and sponsors, we are available and provide prompt response via telephone, email and texting messaging.


PRC partners with experienced and dedicated practicing neurologists, primary care providers, and other advanced practitioners to help provide a review of medicine and progress in patient care for various medical conditions


Perseverance Research Center’s research professionals have been conducting clinical research in Arizona for over 40 years and have a known reputation for excellence, quality and consistency. 

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