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Meet Our Team

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Nicole Hank


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Laura Christians

VP of Operations

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Brandon McCravey

Project Manager

Nicole Hank is the CEO of PRC Clinical Research & Education. She brings over 24 years of clinical trial and leadership experience in a variety of clinical settings, with her main focus in neurology.

Laura Christians joins Perseverance Research Center bringing over 17 years of experience in clinical research as the Vice President of Operations and Development. She has extensive experience in clinical research across numerous therapeutic areas and in all phases of clinical trials.

Brandon McCravey join Perseverance Research Center bringing over 10 years of research experience in Neurology, Endocrinology, and Infectious Diseases. He has experience in every phase of the clinical trail process, specializing in patient care and project management.

About PRC

Perseverance Research Center, was established by three clinical research professionals with over 55 years of combined clinical research experience. After working in a variety of settings including large academic institutions, hospitals, and clinical research organizations, they decided to create their own Research Center focusing on clinical research and education in a variety of therapeutic areas. 

Our Mission

At Perseverance Research Center, our mission is to assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies through every phase in the clinical trial process. We are committed to improving quality of life for our study participants through new and innovative therapies, as well as providing an unparalleled level of service to our providers. Utilizing our experienced team of clinical research professionals and physicians, PRC is committed to transforming the landscape of how clinical trials are performed.

Our Goals

PRC is dedicated to providing quality patient care and continual attention to clinical excellence and patient safety to assure the best healthcare for all patients. PRC also is committed to further educating medical professionals, combining a team of excellent physicians, researchers and clinical staff to improve quality of life in patients diagnosed with a variety of illnesses.


Nicole C. Hank: Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Hank, CEO

Nicole C. Hank, PHD, is a clinical research professional with over 24 years of research experience. Early in her research career her areas of focus included genetic and molecular biology in neuro-oncology. She later transferred to clinical research where she specialized in Epilepsy, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Inclusion Body Myositis, Dermatomyositis, Neuropathy, Alzheimer's disease, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism and Multiple Sclerosis. She has coordinated and conducted over 100 clinical trials and many of her research findings have been published in various medical journals. Finding a cure or a therapy that can ameliorate the lives of individuals who suffer from neurological disorders is Nicole's truest passion. Her PhD thesis focused on the importance of proper nutrition, decreasing inflammation and repairing cellular damage in patients with Alzheimer's disease, and was published in the Journal of Clinical Trials. She has also dedicated a portion of her career to improving quality of life through natural alternatives, creating NeuroVitality, a company that has developed a vitamin supplement to address the pain associated with neuropathy and other nerve disorders. Aside from her Masters in Health Sector Management with an emphasis in Epidemiology from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, she has obtained her Masters in Clinical Research and a PhD in Clinical Research from Texila American University

Nicole Hank CEO Perseverance Research Center
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Office: 480-471-6132

Phone: 602-790-7895

Fax: 480-393-1979

Texila American University

Ph.D. Clinical Research 2018

Texila American University

M.S. Clinical Research 2015

Arizona State University

M.S. Health Sector Management 2007

Northern Arizona University

B.S. Psychology 2000

Activities and Affiliations
  • North East Consortium for ALS Group, Member

  • West Consortium for ALS Group, Member

  • Muscle Study Group

  • American Association for Cancer Research

  • American Epilepsy Society

  • W.P. Carey Alumni Counsel

  • American Academy of Neurology

  • Alzheimer's Association, Member

  • Fraternal Order of Police, Supporter

Laura Christians: VP Operations

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Laura Christians Perseverance Research Center
Laura Christians
VP Operations


Office: 480-471-6132

Phone: 623-203-2380

Fax: 480-393-1979

Laura Christians joins Perseverance Research Center bringing over 15 years experience in clinical research as the Vice President of Operations and Development. She has extensive experience in clinical research across numerous therapeutic areas including Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Oncology, Podiatry and Pulmonology in all phases of clinical trials. While working on her B.S in Biology at Arizona State University, Laura was introduced to the world of research and grew a specific passion for helping others. She began her career in research working as a data coordinator for early phase oncology trials at TGen Clinical Research Services. From there, she has held various positions in clinical research and has efficiently managed and coordinated over 30 clinical trials. In 2007, Laura became a Certified Clinical Research Professional through The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) and is an active chapter member. 

Arizona State University

B.S. Biology 2000

Activities and Affiliations
  • CCRP, SoCRA 2007, Member

Brandon McCravey: Project Manager

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Brandon McCravey Clinical Project Manager Perseverance Research Center
Brandon McCravey
Clinical Project Manager/
Clinical Coordinator


Office: 480-471-6132

Phone: 602-403-8783

Fax: 480-393-1979

Brandon McCravey joins Perseverance Research Center bringing over 10 years’ experience in clinical research as a Clinical Project Manager/Clinical Coordinator. He has extensive experience in clinical research of all phases across a wide variety of therapeutic areas including neurology, dermatology, endocrinology and infectious disease. After graduating from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Brandon began his career in research working on Phase I trials as a clinical data manager, transitioning to a clinical coordinator role for several research institutions before becoming a partner at Perseverance Research Center.

Arizona State University

B.S. Biochemistry 2013

Activities and Affiliations
  • Rating Certifications:

    • Adas-Cog 13/14​

    • MMSE

    • MoCA

    • C-SSRS

    • RBANS

    • CDR

    • SIS

    • Cogstate Battery Testing

    • ADCS-ADL

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